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"Germaine de Larch is a fire of re-invention. Her work dares to capture sides of ourselves that we do not know, have put aside, or await discovery. Every shot is fuelled with courage and love. In her quiet humility lies immense power and playfulness. She has arrived." 

– Sylvaine Strike | September 2012 

“I abhor being photographed. I would rather have nine-inch nails drilled into my eyes than being photographed. So there is only one person I can turn to in times of need – the wonderful, incredibly talented, Germaine de Larch. 

Germaine is a pure artist: it is always about the image rather than her own ego. Germaine translates, she does not dominate. It is a reciprocal, collaborative storytelling. She manages to allow my soul to rest and breathe whilst she captures the essence of any character that I portray. 

This results in an image that is uncompromising, exquisite and exact. I have worked with many international photographers, such as Sheila Metzner, Zanna and Clive Arrowsmith, and Germaine is up there with the best of them.” 

– Patricia Boyer | May 2014

"Germaine is just quite extraordinary; in her ability to see beauty in all people and in her ability to capture it on camera in ways that occasionally choke me with their honesty. It isn’t the ugly truth sort of honesty, it’s the sublime truth sort. I have quite genuinely wept when looking at a couple of my portraits because she has seen me as I want to be seen. Having lived as a photophobe and as a girl quite uncomfortable in her skin, I cannot tell you quite how exciting it is to look at a photo of myself and say, "There I am!"      

Her stillness and sensitivity make the shoots themselves easy and fun. They feel very much like a game you’re playing together. And I think the game is her finding a way to tell you a story about yourself….  Germaine is pleasure to work and the picture of yourself that she will show you will be honest, surprising, a little bit strange and always beautiful.” 

– Tracy Farrow Schweizer | October 2012

“Germaine managed to take a nervous nelly and transform her into a whip-wielding brothel madam/dominatrix – and I mean that in the nicest way possible! Who knew that my alter ego could make such a grand entrance on camera? Germaine is so lovely to work with. She’s calm and encouraging, gentle and sweet, a wonderful art director, and a truly excellent photographer with an incredible depth of vision and artist’s eye. The atmosphere of the shoot was relaxed and informal, but professional, and a whole lot of fun!      

What I really love about Germaine is that she can see the ‘finished product’ of a shot before she actually takes it, and that she can see the beauty in her subjects where they may see none. She manages to bring that beauty and ‘true self’ out with seeming ease and much magnificence.      

If I ever considered having a photographic biographer of my life, Germaine would be it. The session I had with her has helped me come a long way in coming to terms with my body issues and aging. The me that I wish I could see in the mirror is come to life through Germaine’s very talented lens.” 

– Michelle du Plessis | October 2012




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